5 apps for food delivery near me

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Have a tasty meal – the top 5 restaurant apps provide recommendations for restaurants in my area

5 apps for food delivery near me

The feeling should be familiar to everyone: Sometimes you have a spontaneous sense of a particular dish or a special country cuisine. Especially if you are not in the familiar surroundings with the Stammitaliener around the corner, good advice is often expensive.

Whether restaurant, inn, brasserie or burger restaurant – our top 5 restaurant finder apps serve any food preference

In addition to Google Maps, there are numerous specialized offers for the restaurant search. With the Top 5 Restaurant Finder apps presented here, you can discover the right place at any time with just a few clicks, be it in your hometown or while traveling.

1.Foodguide App – food selection based on the Tinder principle

Foodguide was founded by the student Malte Steiert, who realized after a semester abroad in Thailand, that there is a need to catch up in the food production in Germany. From an online magazine on Instagram with food photos developed the Food Guide app with the aim to make the food selection playful. If you want to eat well and delicious, you can be inspired by attractive pictures.

The app works on the Tinder-wipe principle, but for the food: Users who are served in a restaurant or diner their chosen dish can upload the photo in the app and thus give the community a sense of sideboard and appearance. However, Foodguide is not about evaluating food with the help of stars or the like, but about conveying the visual impression.

Once started, the app displays photos of dishes from nearby restaurants. The user can then select dishes that suit him based on the principle known by Tinder. A swipe of the photo to the right is positive while the swipe to the left signals rejection. Alternatively, two buttons (cross and heart) can be used for the selection. After the selection of photos, the user receives an overview of the selected restaurants or courts and can choose from this his favorite dish.

Foodguide can be used for free on Apple and Android smartphones.

2.Yelp – Variety of reviews provide objective basis for decision-making

The evaluation portal Yelp, which was founded in 2004, offers user recommendations for restaurants and companies and enjoys great popularity worldwide. The name is a short form of the term yellow pages (Yelp) and basically represents a digital version of the previously known under the name, yellow pages’ print directories, enriched with additional features. In addition to restaurants, service companies such as Locate hairdressers or craftsmen with Yelp.

The app offers in the hospitality segment a search function for good restaurants, bars, coffee shops and delivery services in the vicinity of their respective location. In the mask you can search for a restaurant in my area and the app displays a corresponding selection as a list. With the help of various filters, the restaurants can then be broken down by price, user ratings and opening hours. Of course, there is also the possibility to search with keywords for certain food categories, be it the burger restaurant or the brasserie. A practical additional function: In selected restaurants, a table can be reserved immediately after the search.

The Yelp app is ad-supported and available for free on Google Android and iOS. Due to the large number of users and the associated large number of reviews, the app provides a good basis for deciding on the planned restaurant visit.

3.Open Table – table reservations with just a few clicks

Who does not know it, they plan to run the partner in a restaurant in the evening, wants to reserve a table in advance and reaches no one by phone or it is permanently staffed. This is a thing of the past with the App Open Table. According to the name, table reservations in restaurants can be done easily via Open Table.

After selecting the respective city, the app first displays an overview of the available restaurants and restaurants. In addition to the “best restaurants” section, guesthouses are also filtered according to kitchen directions and displayed in lists.The detailed view provides information on the price level, user reviews and a breakdown of the time slots in which there are still free tables available for reservation be postponed or canceled.

The app has partnerships with over 40,000 restaurants and is available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android for free.

4.Restaurantfinder – Restaurant recommendations in all countries

The Restaurant Finder App helps internationally to find restaurants; among others in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Italy and Spain. With GPS tracking can locate restaurants in the vicinity. However, to use this feature, location services must be enabled. Alternatively you can also search directly for addresses or postal codes. The restaurants will be presented in list form along with reviews and opening hours. It is also possible to write your own reviews directly in the app and share with friends.

In addition to restaurants, other locations such as Supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations can be found using the app. Due to its international orientation – the manufacturer of the app is registered in Malta – the restaurant finder is increasingly suitable for the restaurant search for stays abroad.

Restaurantfinder is free in the basic version and ad-supported. Those who do not disturb the partially extensive advertising impressions receive a clear presentation of restaurants in a large number of countries.

5.TripAdvisor – database of several million restaurants and pubs

For the search for good restaurants when traveling, the classic TripAdvisor is a popular destination. In addition to hotels and airfares, the app also offers a restaurant search and reviews. So the app can support not only on vacation but also in the choice of the restaurant nearby.

Because of its high profile, TripAdvisor offers a variety of reviews worldwide. By its own admission, there are now almost 5 million restaurants and inns available with approximately 600 million reviews. This has the advantage that this usually results in a realistic overall picture of the respective restaurant – even if one should not take all online ratings at face value. From the formulations, the seriousness of the reviewer can be at least partially derived. You should be careful with undifferentiated praises, as these often occur in fake reviews. As a rule of thumb, the more reviews of a restaurant, the more meaningful the average rating.

The app is available free of charge for the two common operating systems iOS and Android. A plus point are the regular updates, which are made every two weeks according to the manufacturer. So the contents remain up-to-date and possibly existing errors in the functionality are eliminated early.

Food delivery near me apps

No one is left hungry with the featured Restaurant Finder apps. Depending on whether one puts more emphasis on the judgments of restaurant visitors, or wants to be inspired visually. There is the right app for every approach. While Foodguide focuses on the look – after all, the eye eats with it, on Yelp and Tripadvisor numerous reviews from other users can be used. When choosing the preferred restaurant, the smartphone provides the necessary support.


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